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Bucks County Community College and Bucks County Emergency Health Services are exploring the need and interest of a future paramedic training program. We must first academically assess all interested candidates. All candidates who are interested, or may be interested, in paramedic training must take the Bucks County Community College Assessment Exam. Current PA EMT certification is not required to take the Assessment Exam, but will be required before the start of the course.

The College is offering two (2) dates - you only need to attend one (1). These dates are: Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 5:30 pm and Saturday, June 13, 2009, 9:30 am. The location of the exam is the Bucks County Community College, Allied Health Building. The cost of the Assessment Exam is $10.00 - checks made payable to BCCC. The registration form is attached and can also be found on our website. You must register on the college registration form and submit it to the college. Registration is due three (3) days prior to the exam date you plan to attend. You must be registered to sit for the exam, there will be no walk-ins.

Students will then be invited to an informational meeting which will outline the next process in moving forward with the paramedic course. Initial pre-requisites for the course will include, but are not limited to:

* High School Diploma/GED

* Minimum 18 years of age

* Current certification in Healthcare Provider/Professional Rescuer CPR

* Current certification as a PA EMT

* State Police Clearance

* Child Abuse Clearance

* Complete any recommended remedial classes resulting from the assessment exam

* College level Anatomy and Physiology course (without lab) passing with a minimum letter grade of C

* College level Reading and Study Skills course passing with a minimum letter grade of C

* Potential cost of the course will be approximately $11,000

There will be a transitional year prior to the course starting to allow individuals to complete any required remedial training and pre-requisites for the course.

We have no further details about the specifics of the course. We need to first determine the number of eligible candidates and need for a course in Bucks County.

Bucks County Community College Assessment Exam Registration click here