Data Collection

For providers –  Use in the field for PCR entry.  This is replacing Field Bridge on 1/1/2018

Provider Access to Regional Data Collection
Provider access to Regional Data Collection System


For service administrator (web version, no recommended for provider input). This is replacing Service Bridge on 1/1/2018

CQI/Admin access Regional Data Collection System

Elite Desktop Client – For administrator use in setting up EKG imports into ImageTrend

Philips Setup Guide – there are several options for more details please look on the university and search on EKG.

Download Elite Field Icon

Download Elite Icon

ImageTrend Field Help videos

Logging in and Dashboard

Getting Started with your PCR

Patientt history and complaints



Monitor/EKG, transport, narrative, post, transfer

Blood Draw Form

In person roll out sessions are scheduled click here for dates and to register

EMSIB 76 Submission of Patient Care Reports to Bureau of EMS