The George E Morkirk Emergency Medicine Institute is sponsoring an NRP Refresher !

Who should attend?

¨ State certified ALS Providers seeking to renew their NRP based upon the updated NCCR’s.

¨ Paramedics wishing to prepare to sit for the NRP exam (limited to 4 seats).  Paramedics are invited to attend skill stations on select Monday & Wednesday evenings during the paramedic program

The National Continued Competency Requirements (NCCR) replaces the material currently taught in the traditional DOT refresher and represent 50% of the overall requirements necessary to renew National EMS Certification. Topics included in the National Continued Competency Requirements are updated every four years based upon input obtained from national EMS stakeholders.

What are the LCCR? 

The Local Continued Competency Requirements (LCCR) are developed and delivered at the local EMS level and represent 25% of the necessary requirements for all provider levels. 

The Individual Continued Competency Requirements (ICCR) represent 25% of the required continuing education. To satisfy these requirements, an individual may select any EMS-related education. There are no limitations on the number of hours in a specific topic, however, an individual may not use the same course more than once in a registration cycle.

To remain an NRP, you must complete 60 hours of mandated education in a 2-year cycle.  EMI will be offering the 30 hours of National and 15 hours of local/state education for a total of 45/60 hours.

The NRP Refresher Course is held at EMI every Wednesday beginning September 24, 2020 and ending October 29, 2020. 

This course has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Health for 45 hours of continuing education credits.

State #:  1395551923

Tuition:   $125.00  

Course tuition includes, handouts, useful resources and instructor fees.

For those wishing to prepare for the NRP Exam,

you must purchase the optional item.

Class Time: 

8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Pre-registration is required.  Deadline for registrations is September 17, 2020.

Space is limited


Program Coordinator

Douglas Gernerd, NRP


Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be issued if cancellation is received after September 10, 2020.


GEM-Emergency Medicine Institute

2100 Mack Blvd.

Allentown, PA  18103


To register, go to and select NRP Refresher Class.

For questions, contact EMI at (484)884-0011. 

A minimum number of participants is required for the course.  If the course is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be notified 18 days prior to the start date of the course and a full refund will be issued.